Poly Haven API

We host a public API (https://api.polyhaven.com) that can be used to access and download our assets, with a few conditions.

What can I do with the API?

We encourage you to use the API to integrate our assets into your tool/software, or to bulk-download the dataset for research purposes.

You should read the full Terms of Service of the API, but in summary:

  1. ✅ The API is free to use for non-commercial projects and academic research.
  2. ⚠️ Commercial usage of the API requires a custom license, and typically sponsorship. Please contact us to discuss your use case.
  3. ⚠️ All requests to the API require a unique User-Agent header, such as your application name, so that we may track your usage. While most of the API will work temporarily without this User-Agent header, eventually requests without one will be blocked.

We primarily maintain the API for our own purposes and may occasionally change endpoints and authentication methods. If you are integrating our API in your tool on the user side, please contact us so that we are aware of it and can notify you of any relevant changes.

What's in it?

Check the full documentation for a list of endpoints and examples. In a nutshell, the API includes:

  • A list of all assets.
  • Information and metadata about each asset, such as tags and categories, authors, dimensions, etc.
  • Download URLs, hashes and file sizes of all asset files.
  • For files with dependencies (e.g. Blend/USD needs the image texture files), a list of the required files and their URLs.

In short, the API includes everything you need to browse and download our assets.