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Have you created some awesome artwork using one of our assets? Show it off on this site!

After you submit your render it'll be sent to us for approval. If we like it, it'll show in the gallery for a few weeks, and also on the pages of the assets you used to create it.

If we like your render a lot, we'll feature it permanently and share it on our social media.


  1. The artwork must be your own creation, and you must be allowed to display it publically.
  2. You must have used at least one of Poly Haven's HDRIs/textures/models in the creation of your artwork.
  3. Nudity or other NSFW content cannot be accepted.


We get a lot of submissions, so unfortunately we can only accept the highest quality artwork to prevent the gallery from becoming cluttered.

We're not trying to be another ArtStation, this gallery is dedicated to showing off what you can do with Poly Haven's assets.

If you would like to ask for feedback on your render before submitting it, we have a very helpful community on Discord.

We'll notify you by email if your render is accepted or rejected. This may take a day or two as we tend to review submissions in bulk.

Here are some common reasons for rejection:

  • Low-effort renders (e.g. simple lighting tests).
  • Low quality artwork.
  • No Poly Haven assets used.
  • Very similar render from another artist already present (e.g. "car on backplate" type renders with the same backplate).
  • Too many submissions - typically we accept at most 3 different images per artist per month.
  • Multiple renders of the same project (different camera angles or lighting setups) - only submit your best render for each project, and then link to your ArtStation page where people can find more.
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